What is a Facebook Chatbot? A chat bot is an automated software program that will automatically chat with your subscribers on your behalf, responding to commonly asked queries with pre-programmed answers. The chat could be as simple as guiding them to your new product page or to a sales offer. You can easily monitor the conversations and provide responses from your side of the line, while your subscribers enjoy the benefit of a less distracted chat operator. When you have a large number of subscribers, a chatbot will speed up your responses significantly and make you more visible online to your subscribers.

Facebook Chatbot have already revolutionized customer service departments all over the globe. Chat Bots will do even better in customer service departments because they are not limited to one topic. They will talk about everything, ranging from food to travel to technology and beyond, so you will have no problems whatsoever trying to engage your subscribers.

Another feature inherent in Messenger Chatbot is its artificial intelligence system. This makes Messenger Chat Bots a very intelligent system, capable of responding to specific situations and commands. This is one of the greatest advantages you will get out of using a chat bot for customer services. Unlike a live operator who may get flustered if the customer gets annoyed with a question and ask another question, a Facebook Messenger Bot will be able to handle the situation professionally and continue the conversation on another topic. Also, a bot is more likely to remember your customer's name than someone who will have to take the time to actually say the name.

The next step you should take now is to install these Bots onto your server so you can start testing it. You do not have to purchase a new server just for this purpose, but if you have the resources, you might want to consider it as it will save you a lot of money and you can potentially increase your profits by automating your social networking marketing efforts. Install the Chat Bots onto your server and let them run for a week or two. What you will discover is that they learn quite quickly and are able to respond to almost any question you may throw at them. Once you feel that they are ready to be released to the general community, then you can download the latest version of the software from Facebook and follow the instructions on the downloads page. Follow the prompts to get the Chat Bots installed and set up on your servers.

Messenger Bot has two modes one that you can use for internal purposes to help you manage your contacts and organize your conversations and one that is intended for external communication, especially when interacting with customers and potential clients. Using the internal mode of Messenger Bot, you can find friends, post messages, and search for conversations going on. Using the external mode, you can post queries on Facebook, Twitter, and other community-based sites. In either case, you can set the chat bots to perform anonymous browsing or to display your name when chatting with someone else.

As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, Facebook has implemented an advanced artificial intelligence system called the ChatBot. The ChatBot is designed to detect common characteristics of human speech, including inflections, registers, and capitalization, and uses these characteristics to suggest possible conversations with users. For example, if a user mentions the words pizza, the bot will think that this person might be talking about food delivery, and hence suggest that he start a discussion about pizza. This will work because if you have used this bot once before and have a good reputation in the industry as a reliable pizza provider, ChatBot will pick up your voice and use it to make sales.

But there are some limitations of the Chat Bots. It does not recognize holidays like Christmas and New Years' Eve. If you are logged into Facebook on these dates, the Chat Bots will not be able to detect you and will not be able to initiate a conversation with you. In short, chat bots can't replace real customers, only existing customers. But they do help reduce customer lifetime value.

Despite its limitations, it is a step in the right direction for Facebook, especially seeing as how chat bots are expected to replace real-time interactions between real people. The company may also consider using artificial intelligence to replace the need for customer support staff. This would free up resources to focus on advertising and increasing revenue. Will the ChatBot become a replacement for a real-time chat? It remains to be seen.

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