The treatment for presbyopia is usually for those who are older than 40. Eyes get to the point that they are able to see far distances, however the vision close-up is extremely blurred. This can be very annoying for most people, since they must wear glasses to read or to work on computers. It is, however, possible to manage Presbyopia and improve your vision.

The most commonly used solution for Presbyopia is using eye  drops,corrective lenses or contact lenses. Simple reading glasses are suitable for people who don't have any issue with their distance vision. If you are looking for effective treatments for presbyopia,visit 

presbyopia treatments

For those who have problems, they will require bifocals, (also known as progressive add-on lenses (PAL). The distinction between these two kinds of lens is the fact that bifocals come with an arc that separates the lens to read and PALs feature an gradual transition in vision in between two kinds of prescriptions.

Treatment for Presbyopia may involve eye surgery. There are two kinds of surgeries that can be used to fix the issue: Monovision through Lasik procedure and Conductive Keratoplasty surgery. In Lasik surgery , the surgeon utilizes laser technology to create monovision within the eyes. This means that he'll make the dominant eye be able to see long distances, and the second eye will be able to see near.

Conductive Keratoplasty Surgery uses controlled radio frequency energy to alter the shape of the cornea. It's usually performed with only one eye.Vision therapy is an additional efficient treatment option for Presbyopia. Presbyopia is a frustrating condition that affects people in their 40s. Three treatment options can provide an effective solution to the issue.