Over time, it will become difficult to fit the key into an old sliding door lock. Once you get the key in the lock, it may become difficult to turn the cylinder. After you unlock the door, you may feel like you can pull the door out of its way when you try to unlock it.

Sometimes all you need is a little graphite to fix a sliding door lock, but sometimes it must require replacing the entire locking mechanism. Only expert mechanics can help you replace your sliding door lock the right way. You can hire an expert sliding door technician via https://drslidedoor.com/.

Stuck Key and Lock

1. Push the graphite powder into the lock

If the sliding glass door lock is unlocked, hold the end of the graphite powder tube against the outer lock in the keyhole. Squeeze a small amount of graphite powder into the lock.

2. Insert and release the key

Insert and remove the key from the padlock repeatedly. Insert the key and turn the key back and forth continuously  to lock and unlock the door. If the lock and padlock are still stuck, add more graphite.

3. Replace cylinder and lock

Do not spray penetrating oil on any part of the sliding door lock if the lock continues to bind. It just sticks to the lock. If the lock still does not open and close smoothly and the lock remains stuck, replace the cylinder and lock.