To remain warm and comfortable during the winter months the homes we live in require an energy source. There are a variety of models that are on the market today, however, small catalytic heating systems are considered to be the best choice.

To assist you in your search for the right heating system to help you out, here are a few of the most popular heating systems available currently:

Forced Air system is the most popular type of heating system currently in use in the present day for both homes and commercial buildings. Like the name suggests, the system operates by heating air that is forced through the distribution system which runs all around the home.

The air that passes through the system is heated up in central furnaces that use any kind of fuel. Heating is accomplished through electricity, natural gas, and various other fuel types. This kind of fuel has numerous advantages over the other forms.

Radiant Heat It is a different type of heating, however, this kind of heating is usually used in homes. The concept is to transfer energy directly from a heated object to a cold surface. 

The most typical form of radiant heating is using hot tubes that are buried beneath the floors of the room. Water is heated through the use of boilers, and the heat is then distributed via the pipes.

Hydronic Heating This is like a radiant heating system. It also makes use of the boiler to heat the water system, which is then distributed throughout the home. Instead of the heat that is transferred to the floor the heat used in the system is transferred by wall units.