When we have a goal, we can only achieve it by moving towards it. This could be a better job, a car, or even a new sport, activity, or class. The goal may change, but it is very important to use the method and be ready at the start of a new adventure.

How do we reach the goal with mindfulness? We have to take action and do something, but first, we need a strategy that will help us stay organized and focused. If you’re looking for more information about mindfulness in Silicon Valley check this out.

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Here are some basic guidelines to help you achieve your goals:

Research your goals. To achieve our goal, we need to take a step back and look at the object or goal of our desire. Make a list of pros and cons that can help you think about why you want to achieve this goal. If we think it's worth it, we can go ahead and make a plan.

Create programs. How do you reach your goal with care? Make a list of steps and steps you can take, efforts you can take, and once you have a good number of options, just pick the one that is most effective just for this case. 

Talk to people you trust and listen to what they have to say. Others may be able to provide their opinions and some guidelines that you haven't considered. This component is important because this is the first time you are executing your strategy or idea and after telling someone you take the first step towards realizing your goal.