Scrabble is a very popular board game. Everyone knows it. This game has seen a revival through the internet. You can find many online places to play it. Due to copyright issues, a variant was introduced. Wordscraper is a board that changes, but the rules remain the same.

It is therefore legitimate to ask how one can improve his game. You have many options to help you play better. You can visit this website for further information about scrabble word cheat.

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The first is similar to a dictionary. A word checker will check whether your word is recognized in any of the existing official dictionaries.

Next, we will find the anagram solver. It works by entering the letters from your rack and then it will find all words possible. Advanced anagram solvers allow you to input at most two blank tiles. Be aware that the number of possible results can easily reach thousands.

We can also find an anagram solver that allows you to input constraints. Imagine you've found a spot on the board that is ideal and now you are wondering what words would fit there. 

For example, you can specify that the word must begin with an 'R' while the fourth letter is a "K". This tool will tell you which words fit.

The scrabble solver is undoubtedly the most powerful tool. It is easy to use: just fill the board with words and it will show you which words are most likely to bring you the highest score.

There are many ways to cheat or improve your scrabble skills. These tools are available on many websites all over the Internet.