Dandruff could be caused by dry hair or it may also be the result of an ailment that is known as seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, it could be caused by skin disorders like psoriasis or acne and the overgrowth of yeast such as Malassezia, a fungus. 

The biggest problem with the dandruff problem is that it can be embarrassing and could also be the cause of the most dreadful effects of excessive hair fall. In general, when it comes to treatments for dandruff, many people are aware that herbs are safe against chemical-based products on the market. You can browse to https://www.thehairfuel.com/scalp-treatment/ to get natural itchy scalp treatment.


It is recommended that women and men who suffer from dandruff and hair loss, as well as people who are suffering from hair loss because of other reasons, can rely on herbal treatments to treat dandruff and hair fall issues.

Of course, it's the case that there are a variety of herbal treatments available on the market to treat hair loss. But, it's crucial to search for treatments that can treat both dandruff and hair fall issues effectively, and should be cautious when choosing the product that has evidence-based results. 

In general, it is suggested that when looking for the best natural treatment for dandruff and hair loss issues, you must be aware of the ingredients in the treatment.