Roof repair is a concern for homeowners with roofing systems. Even though it is necessary if your roof has been installed correctly, there are many things that can cause damage to your roof. Not only that but there are also emergency situations that require roof repairs.

These are the top reasons for emergency roof repair services in Montreal:

Natural Disasters

Strong Wind 

A constant blowing of a strong wind is a common reason for emergency roofing repairs. Roof shingles can be damaged by wind and even blown away. If you have experienced strong winds, it is important that your roof be inspected.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rains can weaken soil, which in turn affects trees around your home. The limbs of these trees could fall on your roof. This can cause severe damage to your roof and require emergency roof repairs.


This natural disaster is the most destructive to a roof's structure. Large hail chunks can hammer onto your roof, causing severe damage to the roofing system. Sometimes they even cause a hole.

Roof Maintenance

The most common reason for emergency roofing repairs is a lack of roof inspection. You won't notice any problems with your roof if you don't inspect it on a regular basis. It will eventually lead to a roofing emergency. Be consistent with your roof maintenance. You will avoid having to call for emergency repairs.