Success is not measured by how often you are ousted; it is measured by whether you decide to wake up or not. Your life is like a book – but this is non-fiction, not a fairy tale. Some chapters contain stories of great success and happiness, while others contain stories of failure and sadness.

Many of the unpleasant events that happen to us in life are things we do to ourselves. You can also get information about resilience coaching in Canberra through the web.

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Realize that if you learn to be tough instead of accepting failure, you will have more success in life. Donald Trump, one of America's richest men, was once practically bankrupt.

You won't become tough overnight, but with practice and determination, the steps below will help you deal with temporary and unobstructed setbacks.

Step 1: Make an honest assessment of your resilience

Take an honest look and take an inventory. How do you usually react to adversity? Whether you have a flat tire or a lost promotion, ask others to do their part: friends, mentors, managers. Say, "How do I deal with the difficulties in your eyes?"

Step 2: identify role models

Think about the people in your life; some are very long-lived and some don't come back. They were glued to the floor. They are "poor selves" that revolve only around self-pity. Reach out to people you admire and who are struggling.

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