Are you looking for the best method for shipping goods from your eCommerce store? If you're just getting started and haven't yet started exploring the wonderful world of eCommerce, check out the guide of eCommerce packaging with poly mailers via CoPack Inc..

 Bubble Mailer

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If you've done a little research and are selling clothing, accessories, linens, or any material and it's lightweight, then recycled bags are likely on your radar. Here are some of the reasons why recycled polyethylene is better for your business:

The recycled poly post will help you get more loyal customers:

Imagine your customers come home from work and find some delivery on their doorstep. When he picks up yours, he'll be delighted that the plastic bags are 100% recyclable – that your brand is making an environmentally conscious choice. This is the kind of user experience we hear a lot about. 

Custom Poly Mail improves customer experience:

Customers love individual branded packaging! Studies show that this is the other most significant thing they consider when they get something they ordered online. All of the recycled poly letterings can be stamped with the logo and unique design. Recycled branded poly posts are an affordable and excellent marketing investment.

Recycled Polypost makes returns easy for you and your customers:

The 100% recycled polyethylene can be peeled off and double sealed so it can be reused when received. This is great for your business as it makes returns much smoother for your customers. Any business owner will tell you that customers hate the difficult return process. 

With our resealable mail, customers who need a new size or color can easily download shipping labels from you, stick them in their plastic bags and have them shipped to you. This seamless exchange enhances the experience and strengthens brand loyalty.