Building a swimming pool is not a big deal these days, but building a luxury swimming pool is clearly the 'in' thing in today's times. Although there is no particular term known as technically a luxury swimming pool, the basic intention when one refers to one is the fact that it's very expensive, and looks that way too.

Not only is it solving the purpose of swimming a reason for which such pools are built, but equally important for the owners of such wonders is the fact that these should look really expensive. But to make sure that the style and sophistication do not lack in the basic sense is what should be the purpose of creating a luxury pool.

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The first and foremost thing is the design. While traditional pools are more likely to be in the shape of a square or circle, an upgraded version can be in numerous different shapes, like that of the first letter of your name, a pound sign, or a heart-shaped pool for a new couple. The basic idea is to be as unconventional as one can be, and the rest of the magic can be done by the builder. However, while a luxury pool design is the first thing that strikes anybody, there are many more components explained below.

The second thing is the tiles you would be playing in the pool. In order to get that extra edge over conventional pools, you could go for multi-colored, marble, or even glass tiles. While these might be quite an expensive proposition, you can be sure of one fact, they will look super-stylish, and super envious of your peers!

The next in line is temperature control. This facility has been available for quite a long while now, but many prefer not to use it, primarily for the fact that hardly anybody uses the pool in winters.