If an amputation happens in the course of an accident, either directly during the incident or due to injuries resulting from the accident the victim might be able to claim compensation from the individual or the organization accountable. 

Amputation is taking out all or a portion of a limb, such as a hand, arm, leg, finger, foot, or toe. You can also plan to take GM ignition legal action against the company. 

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There are now more than 2 million Americans that have experienced limbs amputation. Of obviously, some of these amputations were due to medical conditions or military combat. If the amputation was caused by an accident or medical negligence can a lawsuit be filed? 

In certain instances, the responsible party isn't identified in the event that an Amputation occurred as a result of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane.

A few people who were involved in the bombings that occurred during the Boston Marathon lost their legs. Unfortunately, the bomber who survived isn't able to cover the medical costs of those wounded. 

Attorneys are still trying to find other accountable parties to lawsuits, but it's not an easy task. Luckily for those who suffered injuries, there have been donations to pay the cost of their medical bills.

The majority of lawsuits involving amputations are related to injuries sustained in accidents at work or in a car. In the event of an accident that results in the severed part of a limb, surgery will be needed to treat the wounds, eliminate the remaining dead tissue and try to save the most tissue feasible. 

In some cases, if the limb can be recovered and reattached, it is possible to reattach it.