Let's discuss the advantages that push massage therapists along the route of self-employment. Many massage therapists desire the flexibility of creating their own schedules for work and also the freedom to have the space of their choice.

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What exactly goes into the process of starting a massage therapy practice? We aren't going to tell you the truth. The concept may seem overwhelming initially however, the benefits are certainly worth the effort.

Being able to be flexible and free to create your own business is a dream. We've put together this list of tricks that you must know, as well as steps you need to take to achieve this.

Let's discuss this now

Let me start by saying that we don't like the word "massage" too. The good thing about starting your first massage therapy business is that it's not that wildly different from starting a business. It's just a matter of doing these things.

  1. Get a massage therapist's certificate. It should be obtained at the time of your graduation And remember that in the event that you move to another state then you'll have to get your license from the state you're in.

  2. Incorporate your business to avoid tax.

  3. Create a business bank account.

  4. Acquire insurance.

  5. Get a permit for sellers.