If you are looking to reduce your battery costs, lithium ion batteries can be a great option. They aren't a new invention. They were created in 1912. There are many different types of lithium ion batteries, from small ones to large industrial models. They can store a lot of power. 

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Many other types of power storage units can store much more power than Lithium-ion batteries. Other main batteries could also be used for the exact same purpose but are heavier. 

The high capacity of lithium ion batteries is due to their material. Lithium-ion batteries are extremely practical for energy storage and have a low discharge rate.

They only last for a limited time, which can be a problem. This does not necessarily depend on how often they are used. Their ability to store energy can be reduced by as much as 20% each year. 

They are good for items that are regularly used and charged, such as portable electrical equipment. They can lose their capacity over time, and they may stop working for no apparent reason.

Lithium batteries are great for jobs that require lightweight and reusable batteries. However, if the battery must be reliable or can be left unused for long periods of time, then lithium batteries might not be right for you.