Is your refrigerator running? When your refrigerator stops working, it can quickly become a serious problem. It's crucial to take action quickly if your refrigerator doesn't perform to the standard you expect. 

Refrigerator problems can require professional attention. You can easily call a kitchenaid fridge repair professional from various online resources.

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These are common signs that your refrigerator needs to be repaired. Here are steps you can take to resolve them.

Temperature instability: Check the internal temperature control dial to see if your refrigerator is heating up or freezing. If the temperature settings don't work, you should check the condenser units at the back of the refrigerator. A refrigerator repair service can adjust the thermostat settings to correct this problem.

Leaking: This is an extremely urgent problem that requires immediate attention in order to avoid further damage to your floor or other surfaces. 

Excessive noise: A refrigerator's normal noise level is a minimum of 5%. However, excessive groaning or knocking noises can indicate that something is wrong. 

You may need professional refrigerator repair if you are unable to diagnose the problem. While fixing a problem yourself can save you money in the long term, refrigerator repair can be complicated and could result in personal injury or property damage.