The biggest challenge in getting your baby to sleep at night is often yourself. Yes, you can. Maybe you can secretly estimate how much time you will have with your baby when he wakes up in the middle of the night. You can make an online comprehensive consultation with the advisors for baby sleep habits.

On the other hand, you may feel like staying awake at night and caring for your baby. If you don't get enough rest, your own thinking can be so blurry that you can't make a good decision about what method to use to get your baby to sleep at night. 

When you're tired, using the easiest way to get your baby back to sleep can be a good plan. However, you need to follow a good strategy if you expect your baby to fall asleep alone.

Creating and sticking to a game plan is one of the most important steps in getting your baby to sleep at night. From about 8 to 12 weeks, your baby should be able to sleep at night. By 5 months of age, about half of all newborns sleep through the night. 

Without proper guidance, they can be two to three years old before you can put your baby to sleep at night. There are mothers and fathers who have not slept well for 4 years. If your newborn is five months old and still doesn't sleep at night, try seeking help. You have the right to that.