Frappe base powder is a blend of coffee and iced tea that has been mixed together with ice cream. It seems to be a new, trendy drink on the scene. But what makes frappe base powder so unique? This article talks about what this popular drink actually is and why you might want to try it out yourself!

What is Frappe Base Powder?

Frappe Base Powder is a coffee flavor enhancer that is made from coffee beans and other natural ingredients. coffee syrup or Frosty Boy, Syrups through Brullen can be used to make coffee drinks more flavorful and intense. Frappe Base Powder can also be used in baking to make desserts more delicious.

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How did frappe base powder come about?

Frappe base powder is a powdered sugar substitute that was first created in the early 1930s. It is most commonly used in ice cream and smoothies, but can also be used in baking and other food preparations. 

Frappe base powder is a great alternative to regular sugar because it has a lower glycemic index, which means that it does not spike blood sugar levels as quickly as regular sugar. Frappe base powder can also be used to sweeten foods that are generally considered to be savory, such as soup or chili.

Where can you find the powder?

Frappe Base Powder is a powder that can be found in some stores that sell baking supplies. It is used as a substitute for baking powder in frappuccinos and other coffee drinks. Frappe base powder is made of sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, and silicon dioxide.