Relapse can be a constant threat to all forms of drug rehabilitation and could cause irreparable damage. Relapses are not always fatal. However, many recovering addicts do not give up after a relapse. Many times, the incident leads to more severe addiction. 

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Step 1: Anticipate

Be aware that temptation will be a part of the drug rehabilitation process. Sometimes the temptation to use again may seem almost overwhelming. These moments can be overwhelming so don’t be surprised.

Step 2: Remember why you quit

You may believe that relapse is a minor problem if you are feeling hungry. Remember this: Relapses are not uncommon and almost no one stops after one. Your relapse will likely result in a binge or a return to old ways. 

Step 3: Create a plan

The following are key elements of a good relapse prevention plan:

* Who to call: 

You need people you can turn to in times of temptation. These could be your family members, friends, loved ones, and fellow addicts that you have met through your treatment program. 

* Other things to do: 

In drug rehabilitation or later periods, it is the worst thing for addicts to be without something to do. You should have ideas of what you can do when temptation strikes.