A cross-chain aggregate protocol lets crypto enthusiasts connect to liquidity providers from several platforms on one platform which makes it easier than ever before to locate the lowest prices.

O3 Swap says its goal is to help customers discover the most efficient ways to conduct trading and also to facilitate transactions with no restrictions and unintentional fees. The creators who are behind O3 Swap liken their offering to a multi-chain variant of 1 inch or a cross-chain liquidity variant of Curve.

Some options for liquidity that it can support comprise Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Curve on the Ethereum blockchain; PancakeSwap, DODO, and BakerySwap on the Balance Smart Chain; as along with Flamingo, Nash, and Switcheo on Neo.

This ensures that assets on multiple chains can be traded freely and various blockchains can be easily accessed.

Blockchain technology can be extremely fragmented and is frequently dotted with multiple networks that don't have the ability to communicate directly with each other. To address this O3 Aggregators are installed on the main networks to hunt the most competitive rates of trading as well as the O3 hub is the core of the blockchain ecosystem processing transactions with the help of an inter-chain pool.

With the high costs and inefficiencies that are common in certain areas of the decentralized financial sector, This project aims to streamline transfers for all in addition to removing certain limitations which exist in many of the leading products of today.