This article will tell you the truth about the apple cider mixed drink's weight loss program. The acidic solution that is produced from fermenting apples is apple cider vinegar. It is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and enzymes.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, described it as an antiseptic and antibiotic that naturally occurs. It is also said to regulate the body's pH/alkaline. It is also beneficial for joint health and helps with osteoporosis and arthritis. However, the question is, where did the cider spice mix drink weight loss diet originate and how effective is it?

Apple Cider Mixed Drink

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Apple cider mixed drink is a weight loss remedy that claims you only need one, two, or even three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal. You can start with one teaspoon, then increase to two or three, then wait for the apple cider to reduce your appetite and food cravings.

To mask the strong acidic taste, some recommend mixing the vinegar with water and a few teaspoons of honey. Some prefer apple cider vinegar weight loss pills. Apple cider vinegar liquid is best for weight loss. The apple cider mixed drink weight loss diet is a natural product and, unlike weight loss medications, there are no clinical trials or studies required.