Components can be assembled and completely transportable. No construction work will be carried out on the actual site of the building. There is only one office on the construction site for engineers, managers and other employees to plan. 

In this way PEB is very comfortable and does not interfere with the construction of a building. Wall panel prefab are sections of wood framed exterior and interior walls manufactured in a factory based on the design information provided in the construction documents for the building.

cold formed steel wall panels

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PEB Components

Almost every PEB consists mainly of components. The following are the components required for a metal building system:

 Main components

 basic framework

The main frame of PEB is the rigid steel frame of the building. This includes conical beams and conical supports which are manufactured by manufacturers using advanced technology. 

You weld the jointing plate to the pointed end. To raise the frame properly, fasten the connecting plates together. Beams and columns must have a uniform slope or depth for rigid frames.


It is an important part of roof construction. It connects the ridge or leg of the roof and the wall panels. They are usually laid side by side to provide a solid foundation for the roof, roof decking and other roof related loads.


The main function of the column is to support the main frame by transmitting vertical loads to the building foundation.