Everyone needs joyous, carefree moments of happiness and purchasing your own carrom board for the most affordable price will surely be a memorable time. 

It's time to go back to your youth and enjoy the game of carrom your family and friends. Buy carrom boards online and get amazing deals on non-toxic, eco-friendly carrom equipment. Find the best prices on carrom boards in the UK and host your own tournaments for carroms.

buy carrom board

Before purchasing a carrom board here are a few guidelines to be aware of :

  • The game surface of the board must be flat, with no breaks or bumps. This is why it is crucial to purchase carrom boards made of top quality plywood. A thin piece of plywood is susceptible to warping as time passes and the surface of play will not be flat and smooth like the one required by the game.

  • Ensure that the corners of pockets are cut in a perfect round shape and are finished with a smooth finish. The pocket's shape has to be well-rounded.

  • Carrom boards with heavy frames provide more rebound and are more durable. So, make sure you buy a carrom board that has the thickest, most well-cut frame. Beware of frames with thin frames since they are made from cheap wood. The board shouldn't wobble when it is placed horizontally on flat surfaces.

 Purchase eco-friendly boards using organic paints that are free of toxic chemicals and starch powder made from vegetable sources.