Strobe lights are lights that emit regular flashes of light using halogen illumination. These lights are also known as stroboscopic lamps. Some strobe light has flash energies as high as 150 Joules and discharge times that are only a few milliseconds. 

These lights are used in ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars to signal the urgency of their work and the need for other motorists to give way. These lights come in a variety of colors, including blue, amber, and red. For these purposes, the strobe lights are used alongside sirens. You can check out the strobe lights at

Some people use them as a decoration or accessory on their cars. These decorative strobe lights use LED in place of halogen. One alters the patterns in which they flash making them very attractive to look at in the night. They can be tuned to normal light when a person wishes and then back to a strobe light. They have colors such as amber, blue, white, red, and blue.

A plate can be used to change the color of the strobe. On purchase, the plates come with strobe lights. The lights are so easy to install that most people don't need an expert. 

The strobe lights can be purchased from local dealers and installed in the car by the owner. They can also change the colors and only use them when they are needed. This is also true for strobe lights used in bars and entertainment venues.