We all know how tasty Guacamole is served as a dip with corn chips or as a tray filled with fresh veggies. Did you realize it is that during Super Bowl Sunday, Americans consume approximately worth of fifty million pounds of avocados for their guacamole in only one day? 

Avocados have too many benefits to include, but just remember that they're healthy for you. The attractive pear-shaped fruit is full of nutrients, essential protein, and fatty acids, easily digested and not affecting your cholesterol levels. For a healthy diet, you can easily buy fresh avocados online.

Avocados come native to Mexico and are only able to grow in the subtropical or tropical climate. Let's review its benefits and then let us remove the calories from our way before we get to. A medium avocado contains about 300 calories. 

Each avocado contains around 30g of fat the majority being healthy mono-unsaturated fat. The amount is more than twice the potassium found in bananas, has extremely high fiber content, and more protein than other fruits, another benefit of avocados is that they can reduce your cholesterol.

Researchers have discovered that a group of people with high cholesterol levels were in a position to reduce it by 22 percent over seven days simply by eating an entire avocado a day. The study also found an increase of 11% within "good" cholesterol during the same period. That's a good thing about avocados. It is interesting to note that avocados are typically taken before they are ripe.