The caravans of the world are used for a variety of different purposes. They're not only used as holiday homes for those who are unable to afford to travel to other countries. This is a misconception of people who've not been in the caravan.

The market for caravans is growing in the present and more and more people are buying caravans for various purposes. Caravan conversions give people a variety of options and you can choose and select features according to the cost of the vehicle. 

Caravan tourism in India is taking off - Outlook Traveller

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Check out the following article for more information about what caravans are used to help them in their daily lives:-

Holiday Homes: The most obvious example can be described as a holiday house. The customers can lease caravans at camp sites for holidays or buy the caravan and then pay for land rental for the camp. If they purchase one and they are able to travel often to their caravan and it's almost as if it's a second residence for the caravan.

Construction: Construction company owners will rent caravans to accommodate their employees when they work on a project outside of their regular work area. Some companies may even purchase the caravans, and then request that they be transported from site to location.

They can have a greater selection of workers when they provide accommodation for employees. This is why it helps them significantly when they pay for the caravan but place it on the construction sites and aren't required to pay for the land rental.

Actors and actresses: Some actors and actresses hire or purchase caravans to serve as trailers during their time working on a set. They will be provided with high-end caravans that look like an extravagant home. They will have a place to rest and change between scenes.