Android app developers consider it essential to ensure that only a tested and thoroughly tested Android application is made available to the market. With the multitude of gadgets running a range of possible versions of Android OS, it may be challenging to ensure that the app functions smoothly on all devices. 

An additional android automation tool commonly employed is MonkeyRunner that makes use of a Python implementation that runs in Java which is called Jython to navigate through applications. 

It is nevertheless essential that users find the application smooth and rate it highly to encourage downloads. The thoroughness of unit testing is believed to be a requirement by many software developers to ensure this. 

There are many sites with a lot of unit testing, but implementing it is a crucial process, in order, they can be sure that the application functions how they want it to. 

It is recommended to use it for walking through multiple devices or emulators. There are a variety of different evaluation tools, however among the numerous Android Automation tools, the most popular and reliable is Robotium. 

This test framework is intended to create simple, reliable, and powerful automated tests for apps. Robotium assists test case developers write acceptance and testing scenarios for systems that cover a variety of Android tasks. 

The installation and use of Robotium are very simple. Robotium can be downloaded as a one JAR file that is then placed wherever you'd like to put it. For it to be used just place the JAR into the classpath of your test project. Many different automated tools for building can make use of it.