While Airbnb started as a fun way for homeowners and apartment dwellers to earn a small side income, it has grown into a very lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world. Airbnb has become very popular in London where apartments are very expensive and very hard to find.

However, you might run into some issues if you're one of the many people on the Airbnb list.

It's hard to compare AirBnB rental management with long-term rental management. While long-term rentals may require inspection and some ongoing maintenance at the start of the six or 12-month lease, the maintenance, and management required to successfully lease an AirBnB is often a day-to-day operation. You can also find more information about the Airbnb management service (also known as “service de gestion d’airbnb” in the French language) by searching online.

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However, renting a property on Airbnb can mean higher returns and higher profit margins than you would get from a long-term rental. It also means avoiding some of the hassles and hassles that come with choosing just one tenant, which includes background checks and interviews so you can be sure you're paying on time for your rental term.

When your short-term rentals are popular, it's easy to book them any night of the week. It's hard to manage and that's where SmartHost comes into play.

Working with Airbnb SmartHost Management, you can feel safe and secure knowing that a team of professionals takes care of everything for you.