Choosing a cannabis grinder can be very difficult. Over the last few years, a large number of grinder companies have tried to cash in on the “Green Rush” in order to become one of the best grinders for cannabis.

Prior to the relaxation in cannabis laws, only a few grinder companies such as Space Case and Sharpstone had products launched. Now, the traditional grinder companies are competing with new entrants to the market such as Golden Gate and Kingtop.

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Frequent Flyer Edition

So what are the features of the best quality grinders?

Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminium

It is vitally important that the material of construction for the grinder should be aluminum. Not only will this material last for a long time, but it is also a lot safer. If for example you purchase and begin using a plastic grinder, tiny little fragments of plastic will become contaminated with your cannabis, and you will end up smoking the plastic, which is a carcinogenic substance. There have been calls from various parties to ban the sale of plastic grinders for this very reason.

Diamond Shaped Teeth

A grinder that comes with razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth will systematically cut through the cannabis rather than ripping and tearing the cannabis which is what many traditional grinders do. This will enable the grinder to produce a smooth grind, giving a consistent and uniform consistency.