Ideas for a wedding or shower for personalized cookies with a theme: Unsurprisingly, bridal showers, baby showers, parties, as well as wedding receptions, are just a few of the more popular events that require custom-made cookies. For those who are wanting something unique for their special occasion, These make excellent party favors, gift bags, giveaways, and even place cards!

A bride-to-be who was planning an extensive wedding celebration purchased several personalized cookies. The small tuxedos were personalized with the names of groomsmen, and they played an activity of finding their partners with blindfolds on a game of guessing. 

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It was a great idea to break up the ice during the wedding party, many of them were not acquainted with their respective partners before the wedding. Another fun way to personalize decorated cookies was discovered at the baby shower. 

The guests attending the event were given a handful of the cookies, as well as some decorator icing tubes. They enjoyed a game of imagining possible names for their babies, then writing their names onto the cookie, and the next thing they knew, playing bingo with the baby! The event was fun. You can also search online to get more information about personalized cookies in NZ.