People are in a major health crisis. Our luxury filled lifestyle and processed food are causing an unprecedented rise in chronic disease in both adults and children. Doctors have warned people about this crisis for decades but people continue to ignore the danger.

Diet and exercise are the only ways people can regain health. This article will focus on exercising jump rope  which is the best and most practical exercise for everyone. You can find the best equipment, how long a workout should last, how many calories rope jumping burns, and its many other benefits in this article.

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A jump rope costs less than $15 at most sport stores. Any piece of rope can be used as a jump rope, but it is best to get one with handles using ball bearings to keep the rope moving smoothly without twisting. The best types of shoes to use for rope jumping are tennis shoes or cross-trainers.

You need shoes that are supportive with good shock absorption and lateral stability. Running shoes do not support feet against lateral stress. Generally, you want to jump rope for 5 to 15 minutes a day every day depending on your level of fitness. Always make sure that you warm up thoroughly before you begin. For skipping, this could be a few minutes of walking, marching on the spot, jogging or light skipping. Once you’re warmed up, you can begin your main skipping session.