Business cards are a very good way to advertise a business you have just started or an old business. It is a very inexpensive advertising method and cards can be designed and made on a home computer and printed at home or in the office.

The success of these Custom Shaped Cards depends on how they are distributed. It must be an ongoing commitment. Never leave home without your cards so you can produce them any time you want. See each passerby as a potential customer and hand your cards carefully.

You should get into the habit of always leaving the card wherever you are. Leave it in a conspicuous place where someone curious enough to pick it up and read it will find it. You can leave a couple in the restroom. This is always a good place as there are people constantly coming in and out.

Someone will likely pick up one and take it with them. Every time you go to a store, leave a card at the counter or when cashing in at the desk. There will be someone curious enough to pick it up. You are likely to be in touch with your good customer in the future.

A good idea is to attract your own cards. These magnets can be stuck to the back of the cards by yourself to save money. They now have extra value to them and fewer people will get rid of them. They will be taken home and put in the refrigerator to keep for a long time. It will now be easier to leave a card behind. Place them at eye level on metal posts and metal benches. The wind could not blow them away and they would still be there for people to read.

If you prefer to have a more professional finish for your cards, you can always start by printing them professionally. This will cost a bit more but may give a much better end product. The printer can use paper with different textures and different colors and this can make a big difference for them.