What you can say in a two-minute video will fill a full page. In an age of compressed information transmission and short attention spans, consumers know they don't want to spend too much time figuring out whether or not they like your business. You can also take help from professional marketing video services from online sources.

Professional videos get your message across as quickly as possible in a way that visually engages the viewer and is easier to remember than written text. Creating professional videos requires not only good content, but also an understanding of visual design and staging, technical quality of sound and video recording, animation, Flash, and more.

Professional videos make a professional impression

Visual Design and Performance – The video will be created as a mini theatrical performance, complete with actors and set design. The idea is to display pictures of what you're selling, not pictures of you behind your messy desk. Knowledge of lighting, colours and backgrounds is used to create visually appealing videos that convey only the desired message to the viewer and nothing more.

Technical Audio and Video – There are so many tools out there for making videos. You can even use a smartphone. The problem with many of these is that they are not professional devices and sound and picture quality can degrade. 

Animation/Flash – Video effects take at least a few years to learn and a lot more to master. Animations and flash effects can make videos stand out and engage viewers instantly. They can also be difficult to implement if you don't know-how.