Smart work and not hard work – this is the mantra for modern recruitment processes. Several recruitment tools are available to streamline and simplify the hiring process. 
Hiring teams need to sift through thousands of candidate profiles before they shortlist those that fit the role. Conducting a written assessment for each of the candidates can be a cumbersome process. This is where candidate screening tools come handy. 
Usage of candidate assessment software has become imperative for recruiters looking to optimize their hiring efforts. You can also get more information about online recruiting at
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The test analysis is presented as a comprehensive report almost instantly after the completion of the test. A pre-employment assessment tool empowers the hiring team to evaluate several profiles within a fraction of the time taken by manual processes. 
Most assessment tools also provide the option of conducting online tests that can be taken up from any geographical location.
Why adopt recruitment screening tools?
Typical hiring steps are:
• Posting advertisements in job portals for open positions
• Shortlisting profiles from the applications received
• Assigning a pre-employment screening test to candidates through email
• Evaluating the performance and jotting down the test results
• Taking candidate evaluation to higher levels through topic-specific, complex tests

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