If you're a lover of all things coffee like I am then you probably be aware of a few things about which beans are the most delicious, and even be knowledgeable about roasting or grinding beans. 

However, this list of five interesting coffee bean facts that you've probably not heard before! You can also contact for the best coffee wholesale price online.

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait – With just the right amount of shade, sun, rain, and the right climate, coffee plants will begin producing berries containing the "beans."

Coffee Bean Not a Native of Costa Rica – The Spanish traveler, Navarro, introduced Cuban beans to Costa Rica in 1779.

Not Really "Beans" – Believe it or not, coffee beans are not really meaningful at all. They are not in the legume family, but rather they are the pits found inside of the coffee berries.

Hand-Picked – Even to this day, most coffee is still picked by hand, and a worker can pick from 100 to 200 pounds of coffee berries a day!

An Acre of Coffee – How much coffee would you guess to get out of an acre of plants? One acre typically yields about 10,000 pounds of coffee fruits or cherries – which comes to around 2,000 pounds of beans.

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