Batman is a superhero that appears in American comic books published under DC Comics. Artist Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the character. It debuted in Detective Comics' 27th issue on March 30, 1939. Batman, the alias of Bruce Wayne (the DC Universe continuity), is a rich American philanthropist, and industrialist who lives in Gotham City. You can also buy comics or webcomics from many web stores.

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Batman's origin story has him swearing revenge against criminals after witnessing his parents' murder. This is a vendetta temper with the ideal justice. He works hard to become a bat-inspired character, and he watches the Gotham streets at night. Kane, Finger, and other creators accompanied Batman, along with his sidekick Robin, his allies Alfred Pennyworth and James Gordon, as well as foes like the Penguin, Two-Face, and the Riddler.

Kane created Batman in 1939 to capitalize upon the success of DC's Superman. Although Kane often claimed sole credit for the creation, Finger significantly improved the concept from a generic superhero to something more bat-like. In 1940, Batman was the character's own publication.

Batman was initially introduced as a vigilante who killed and maimed criminals. But, he evolved into a character with strong moral codes and a sense of justice. Batman is not a superhero. He relies on his intellect, fighting skills and wealth, rather than any superpowers. The 1960s Batman TV series featured a camp aesthetic that was associated with the character for many years. Many creators attempted to bring the character back to his darker roots, culminating in the 1986 miniseries The Dark Knight Returns.

Many comic books featuring Batman have been published by DC, including those published under its imprints Vertigo or Black Label. Detective Comics is the longest-running Batman comic in America. Batman is often depicted as part of DC superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman as part of organizations such as the Justice League or the Outsiders.

Other than Bruce Wayne, Batman has been portrayed by other characters, including Jean-Paul Valley/ Azrael, in the 1993-1994 "Knightfall” story arc; Dick Grayson (the first Robin), from 2009 to 2011, and Jace Fox (son of Wayne's ally Lucius) as Batman as of 2021.


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