Destructive behavior can be the consequence of separation stress OR it could be drama behavior due to boredom, or even a reaction to external sounds, or an outlet for excess energy. 

Destructive behavior linked to separation stress is generally directed toward the dog attempting to flee by chewing or scratching doors, windows, or walls. Fixing separation anxiety in dogs can be easy by taking the help of specialists dealing with it. 


However, if the devastation is during your house, there could be other possible causes. It can be very helpful in case you have a web camera, video camera or sound-activated tape recorder to help identify whether tasks are effective or not.

Separation anxiety can also be often the cause of excessive barking and whining OR the dog could possibly be barking as a result of sounds it really is hearing outside of their house; mail/delivery individuals, kids playing in the neighborhood (or in your yard), traffic sounds, etc.

Exercise – play with your dog or take him for a walk. Attempt to try that 15-30 minutes before you plan to leave so he has time for you to repay. A breeder that is exercised will undoubtedly be content once you leave.

Does your pet enjoy the company of other dogs? If you just have one dog you may want to consider adopting a second dog. Sometimes canine companionship is the response to separation stress. 

If you have a friend having a dog, then have them bring their pet to your property and leave the dogs together indoors as you step outside.